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There are a few things that can make trips to Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) hassle-free. 这些年来,bwin都学会了,所以你不需要. We’ll work to make sure your trip to or from BWI is as pleasant—and predictable—as it can be, door to door.

At bwin, we don’t think of comfort and consistency as a luxury. 这是标准的操作程序. With over 11,000 trips a year to and from BWI, we hope our experience speaks for itself. Our customers have some pretty nice things to say, too.

bwin不会只送你去BWI, we’ll take you back to a time when travel offered a level of personal service that made it special. So sit back and relax. We’ll handle the rest.

  • No one likes surprises—at least not when you need to get to or from the airport. We’ll quote you a flat rate based on your pickup location zip code, time of travel, 乘客数量和您的车辆偏好. bwin每次都会准时到的. You won’t get that same kind of peace of mind with a taxi or app-based service (with price surges you can’t anticipate until it’s too late).

    With bwin, you’ll also be sure that you’ll get the type of ride that fits your needs. Our sedans and crossover vehicles offer a maximum carrying capacity of 3 people with reasonable luggage (not including skis or golf clubs). For larger parties, 或者是带着超大行李旅行的派对, bwin会确保你有一辆面包车或越野车.

    通常bwin的服务报价是不变的, but some circumstances beyond our control and yours can affect the fee. 了解何时可能需要支付额外费用.

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  • bwin的司机和bwin的车辆一样容易辨认. You’ll recognize him or her by our uniform—a dark red-colored bwin shirt and black pants. But if you can’t find your driver right away, just give us a call, (410) 321-5600. bwin可以马上帮您接司机.

    对于所有机场接机,bwin会开一张 在接你之前打个电话或发个短信 identifying your driver, pickup location and relevant contact information.


    下飞机时给司机打电话或发短信. bwin到终点站的车程是 three to five minutes. If you do NOT have any checked baggage, we’ll meet you on the upper (departures) level (map)在您的航空公司航站楼外的机场. 如果您有托运行李,bwin将在 lower level (map)在您的航空公司航站楼外的机场. Look for our red vehicles 车身侧面有白色的bwin标志.


    If you have requested that we meet you at baggage claim ($25 fee applies), your driver will meet you inside the terminal next to your flight’s baggage claim carousel拿着写有你姓的牌子. We’ll assist you in getting your luggage to our car or we can bring the car around if you prefer.

    International Arrivals

    As with domestic arrivals, you may choose to have us meet you curbside or inside the airport at the International Arrivals waiting room where you will find your driver holding a sign with your name on it.

  • bwin有责任跟踪您的 flight 所以bwin知道什么时候会早,什么时候会晚. 如果你的航班提前了, bwin将尽一切努力准时到达, and if it’s late, 飞机降落时bwin都会在你身边.

  • 打电话给bwinbwin会做出调整. If these changes are within 24 hours of the scheduled service, a $15 transfer fee may apply. Higher cancelation fees may apply for services canceled on the actual day of service, 由bwin自行决定.

  • 通常bwin的服务报价不会经常改变, but when it comes to airport arrivals we’ve encountered a number of circumstances beyond our control and yours that can affect the fee.

    Here are a few exceptions to the norm that can impact your final service charge:

    • Flight delays past 10:00 p.m. will incur a $15/half hour surcharge to cover after-hours payments to your driver.
    • Same-day changes in your arriving flight, such as missing your flight or being assigned to a different flight at a different time, 一般会产生15美元的转会费.
    • 在行李领取处等待时间 一般是不收费的. However, if luggage is lost or damaged and resultant claim times go beyond 45 minutes after the arrival of your flight, bwin可能会收取类似于转让费的少量费用.

    Parking fees are not included in your rate because we do not always incur them. If we incur parking costs, that will be added to your quoted fee.

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